Member Information

Member Guidelines

Before you become a member of Makerspace community, here are some basic principles we should all stick to.

  • Be excellent to each other
  • Failure is a means to success
  • Lack of knowledge is an opportunity, not an obstacle
  • Your experience here is what you make it
  • Any and all illegal activity is strictly forbidden; any and all creative activity is strongly encouraged
  • Pick up after yourself – this is a shared space.


Member Rights

  • 24/7 access to the Victoria Makerspace workshop.
  • Able to bring guests into the space any time you wish.
  • Allowed to make nominations and cast votes at the annual meeting.


Member Benefits

  • 24/7 access to the Victoria Makerspace workshop with sturdy work benches that can host almost any project, various metal & woodworking tools, and advanced electronic prototyping tools
  • Multiple soldering stations, access to an oscilloscope, multimeters, and other electronics tools await
  • You are now part of our very knowledgeable & awesome pool of members: engineers, software designers, machinists, network admins, biotech businessmen
  • You have access to member research projects and workshops.
  • Access to member-only classes and events
  • You have full access to our biology laboratory and extensive library of books, gear & toys
  • Excellent business-class internet connection is at your service (no torrents or excessive downloading please)


Member Responsibilities

  • Only members are allowed to access power tools
  • Some tools require specialized training; only trained members may use these tools
  • Personal items must be confined to your personal locker, lock box, or shelf space
  • No animals (except service animals) in the shop areas
  • No unsupervised children in the shop areas
  • Be aware: lost and found items, animals, and children will be held for 30 days, then used for parts
  • Members who profit from objects they manufacture are encouraged to reimburse the Makerspace for equipment use cost


Before signing up for a membership, you need to come to one or two open house nights to see the space, take a tour, and get to know some of the current members.  Start with a project in mind, or some knowledge you’d like to gain, and you’ll make more of the experience. When you're ready to join please email for a link to set up a billing agreement and then come in for your access card.


Monthly Access Fee Subscription – Start your payment online and then get a keycard in person at Makerspace.This is a recurring $51.50/month payment.

Monthly Student Access Fee Subscription – Start your payment online and then get a keycard in person at Makerspace.This is a recurring $30.00/month payment.